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Godło Polski: orzeł w złotej koronie, ze złotymi szponami i dziobem, zwrócony w prawo Logo Akademii Morskiej: czerwony gryf w złotej koronie, z żółtym dziobem, zwrócony w prawo Maritime University of Szczecin

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On 05-08 November 2019, the meeting of Working Group 4 (WG4) of COST Action CA OC-2017-1-22010 WECANet "A pan-European Network for Marine Renewable Energy with a focus on Wave Energy" took place at the Maritime University of Szczecin . The meeting concerned plans and development directions of solutions regarding non-technical aspects of the development of sea wave energy converters. Currently, 31 partner countries participate in the COST action.

The meeting was chaired by group leader Dr. George Lavidas from TU Delft. In the meeting participated: the deputy leaders prof. Milen Baltov from Burgas Free University and prof. Leszek Chybowski from the Maritime University of Szczecin, as well as dr Martin Enilov from Queen Mary University of London and representatives of the Maritime University of Szczecin: researchers dr inż. Bogusz Wiśnicki and dr inż. Andrzej Montwiłł, and director of the technology transfer office Dorota Chybowska,.

2 main focus groups were identified based on the current activities within WG4:

  1. Identification of supporting and limiting parameters:
  2. subgroup 1: Identification of resource, environmental and legal frameworks that support and/or hinder wave energy in MS and the EU, uncertainties-influence of resource, device and legal frameworks in the evaluation of WEC(s);
    subgroup 2: Investigation of the awareness and acceptance of WECs, at various levels stakeholder, local communities, identification of perception barriers.
  3. Reducing uncertainties and costs:
  4. subgroup 3: Identification of innovation and financing potential, Life Cycle Analysis (LCA), to devise a helpful metric for WECs convergence;
    subgroup 4: Exploration of market potential of wave energy in current (and future) mix of renewables, suggesting niche markets/applications where WECs can contribute.

Proposals for further international actions and initiatives have been established in the area of ​​the mentioned thematic groups. The details will be discussed at the second annual assembly of Action, which will take place on November 28-29. in Porto, Portugal.

Additional information:

Official WECANet website:
The Action page on the COST website:

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