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Godło Polski: orzeł w złotej koronie, ze złotymi szponami i dziobem, zwrócony w prawo Logo Akademii Morskiej: czerwony gryf w złotej koronie, z żółtym dziobem, zwrócony w prawo Maritime University of Szczecin

Unia Europejska

A delegation from Zhejiang Ocean University in China has visited the Maritime University of Szczecin again. Representatives of the Chinese university met with the authorities of MUS to discuss the final shape of cooperation between the universities, which is to begin already in the next academic year (2019/20).

Apart from joint research and development works, cooperation between MUS and the Asian university will focus on student exchange and second-cycle studies in the field of navigation. The first students can start their studies right after summer holidays. – We’ve talked about the first groups of students who, from the next academic year, can join the English-speaking groups already existing at our university - explains Artur Bejger, DSc., Eng., Chief Engineer, Professor of MUS, Vice Rector for Science. - The important thing is that, during the talks held in Szczecin, we also agreed on a wide range of opportunities for our students to study at Zhejiang Ocean University - he adds.

In the long term, we are planning to extend our cooperation to other fields of study as well - because the Chinese side is interested in cooperation within both mechanical engineering and strictly land-based fields of study offered by both universities. The agreement signed during the delegation’s visit in Szczecin includes a possibility of cooperation in all fields of study offered by us.
- This has been the third meeting with representatives of Zhejiang Ocean University - emphasises Rector Wojciech Ślączka, DSc., Eng., Master Mariner, Professor of MUS.

The previous ones were held in 2018 - in January in Szczecin and in November in Zhousan, China. The visit which has just ended was aimed at clarification of the last details and working out of some practical methods of intercontinental cooperation. This is already the last step before the actual beginning of the scientific and student exchange.

- The cooperation is an opportunity, e.g. for our students to spend part of their studies abroad gaining valuable experience - says Rector Wojciech Ślączka.
The openness of both universities will also enable the exchange of teaching and research staff, joint research and, in the future, publications.

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