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Unia Europejska

University International Cooperation

MUS horizontal international outlook has always motivated us to seek opportunities to liaise with international entities. This is visible in all aspects of our activity:
  1.  ERASMUS+ programme

    We cooperate with 22 institutions from the EU and outside in the area of student and staff exchange.

  2. Cooperation agreements

    At present we have 43 agreements or memorandums signed with numerous institutions from all over the world within which we undertake joint activities in the area of staff and student exchange, joint research and publications and increasing international dimension of teaching and learning.

  3. Joint projects

    Between 2000-2020 we participated in nearly 100 projects financed or co-financed from external funds the value of which amounted to ca. 35 MEUR. The projects, including 4 within Horizon2020, focused on research, sustainable development, blue growth, R&D, improvement of educational services, dissemination or research results.
    MUS Centre for Maritime Technology Transfer is responsible for managing projects related to technology and research (+48 91 48 09 480, whereas International Students and Mobility Office manages education-themed projects (+48 91 48 09 830,

  4. Research / scientific cooperation

    Our academics conduct research on most pressing, maritime- and transport- related issues, both as a part of the University’s statutory activity as well as in commissioned works sponsored by private sector. The research comprise such themes as e.g. Smart, green and integrated transport, Technologies for low emission and green vehicles, satellite navigation and communication, machines construction, exploitation and diagnostics, leakage currents active compensation, ship to grid electrical systems, hydrography & remote sensing etc. We invite you to study our research areas and contact us with regard to those which in your opinion might be of common interest.
    (Centre for Maritime Technology Transfer +48 91 48 09 480,

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