Autor(s) Monieta, Jan
Date of issue 2014
ISSN 0208-7774 pl_PL
Abstract The paper presents the results of the selected object, the elements and of tribological systems in the aspect of wear processes. The objects of research were medium speed engines produced under license from Sulzer in the aspect. Among the respondents, the types of engines powered by residual fuels subject to intensive wear. These fuels contain significant amounts of sulfur, water and have a large number of Conradson. The wear investigations were performed under natural conditions. Also describes the conditions under which the test engines were operated on, where there were often unfavorable for tropical conditions. A significant wear of crank pins, cylinder liners, pistons and cylinder heads was stated. Intensive wear results from engine design, in which the lubrication system of pistons and sleeves and bearings of the crankshaft is the same. The wear investigations were carried out with applying passive observation, geometrical measurements, analysis of images and with applying passive and passive-active diagnostic experiments. With problem in inspected engines apart from the intensive wear of metal material and was formation of deposits. An identification of types of the wear and tear was also a purpose of research.
Title Badanie zużycia wybranych elementów okrętowych średnioobrotowych silników o zapłonie samoczynnym zasilanych paliwami pozostałościowymi w warunkach eksploatacji
Type Journal Article en_US