Autor(s) Monieta, Jan
Date of issue 2014
ISSN 1732-324X pl_PL
Abstract The article contains the results of the application of course pressure signals in the injection pipe for the diagnosis of marine engines during operation. Studies have been carried out for marine auxiliary engines in laboratory conditions in the Maritime University of Szczecin and on the marine vessels. The aim of the study was to select the vibration signal symptom of fuel in the injection using a diffeernt of sensors, reflecting the condition of the injection apparatus. To solve these studies was the choice of a rational place and method of mounting the sensor and signal acquisition method. Signal analysis performed in the time, amplitude, frequency, and time-frequency domain. These investigations have shown that some of the parameters registered in the injection pipe vibration can be used to evaluate the technical condition of injection , but the usefulness of this method is not high.
Publisher Studies & Proceedings of Polish Association for Knowledge Management
Title Zastosowanie czujników zaciskowych pomiaru przebiegu ciśnienia w przewodzie wtryskowym silnika o zapłonie samoczynnym do diagnozowania aparatury wtryskowej
Type Journal Article en_US