Autor(s) Jasionowski, Robert
Autor(s) Zasada, D.
Date of issue 2013
ISSN 1897-3310 pl_PL
Abstract Microstreams of liquid formed during the implosion of cavitation bubbles and the effects of pressure waves coming from disappearing bubbles are the main causes of damage of the washed surface, leading to loss of material (the cavitation erosion). Repeated cavitation implosions cause non - uniform stress state resulting in the strengthening of the surface layer, change of micro-geometry and surface cracks leading to detachment of the material particles. Course of cavitation erosion process depends on the effects of plastic deformation at the beginning of the destruction. The aim of this study was analysis of plastic deformation by EBSD method of CuZn10 cast alloy at the beginning of the cavitation destruction process.
Publisher Archives of Foundry Engineering
Title EBSD Strain Analysis of CuZn10 Cast Alloy During Cavitational Wear
Type Journal Article en_US