Autor(s) Monieta, Jan
Date of issue 2013
ISSN 1231-4005 pl_PL
Abstract This paper describes the introduced results of researches of undesirable events at one shipowner for a period of twelve years. The study included mostly merchant vessels bulk carriers and their significant objects. The ships were decomposed on functional systems and elements also divided them into of the navigation and machinery part. There was carried out a quantitative and economics analysis. In the economic analysis have been exchange rates accounted. Attempted classification of the causes of the event and its participation in material losses incurred. These events are also a threat to human life and health as well as the natural environment. One showed on methods and means of diagnostics as manner of limitation their sizes and results. The results should be useful in the design of diagnostic experiments to select the objects that should be subject monitored. The larges losses of adverse events were initiated in the functional systems: navigation, main drive and cargo. The most often adverse events are collisions. The most expensive vessel objects in the engine room proved to be reciprocating internal combustion engines for main propulsion and auxiliary. The investigations were conducted for all types of reciprocating internal combustion engines mounted on the test vessels. Combustion engines were operated under different external and internal conditions and were feed distillate and residual fuel oils.
Publisher Journal of KONES
Title Estimation of undesirable events in operation of bulk carriers
Type Journal Article en_US