Autor(s) Monieta, Jan
Date of issue 2013
ISSN 0138-0346 pl_PL
Abstract In this paper are presented a research results an applications of an acceleration vibration signals to diagnosis of the work cycle of medium speed compression ignition engines. This paper presents the research results of the relationship between the course in-cylinder pressure and vibration signal registered at the head of the combustion engine. The investigations have been carried in operating conditions of the medium-speed marine diesel engines propelled a generator. In preliminary studies have been conditions planned of essential investigations for a variety of mounting vibration acceleration sensor. There examined the influence of the load on the values for the applied diagnostic parameters. Research carried out for the different operating conditions. In fundamental investigations an influence of the technical state on values of diagnostic parameters was tested as well and failures was localised. Diagnostic symptoms in time, amplitude and frequency domain bounded with the technical state were selected and compared them with other diagnostic symptoms. Detected injectors failures and the primary damage of valves head using the boundary values.
Publisher Combustion Engines
Title Diagnozowanie przebiegu procesu roboczego w cylindrach okrętowych silników spalinowych z wykorzystaniem sygnału drganiowego
Type Journal Article en_US