Autor(s) Monieta, Jan
Date of issue 2013
ISSN 0138-0346 pl_PL
Abstract In this work has been presented the results of the the application in-cylinder pressure signal analysis of the marine medium-speed engine to diagnostics. In-cylinder pressure signals analysis has been carried out in amplitude, time and frequency domain as well wavelet analysis for their diagnostics to select a rational method. There have been carried out preliminary and principal investigations using experiment planning. The preliminary research have been done on marine diesel engines Sulzer type drive generators, occurring in engine rooms of bulk carriers and rely on the measurement of pressure signals in each cylinder and analyzing them under different engine loads and verify their correlation with the load. In principal research has been diagnosis technical state of individual cylinders at constant loading. Useful diagnostic symptoms have been selected. The method was being verified locating failures of engine elements.
Publisher Combustion Engines
Title Zastosowanie analizy przebiegu ciśnienia w cylindrach okrętowych silników spalinowych w różnych dziedzinach do diagnostyki w warunkach eksploatacji
Type Journal Article en_US