Autor(s) Monieta, Jan
Date of issue 2018
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Abstract To choose the receive locations of diagnostic signals, reliability and preliminary investigations were applied. The functional systems and the most unreliable subassemblies were determined. The studies were conducted for the auxiliary marine engines with the same rated speed and fueled with same distillation and residual fuels. In the article a choice of the ship's object, which has a significant impact on reliability, operating costs and the functions performed, is presented. Reliability, economic and risk of exploitation investigations were carried out, which allowed selecting the facility with the highest failure, costs of adverse events and threat to the natural environment. The research covered the objects of a ship owner operating mainly bulk cargo vessels for mass transport and their essential assemblies - combustion engines.In order to obtain a reasonable amount of information on the state of the examined combustion engine, the following experimental planning methods were used: experiment type, essential elements, location of measurement sensors, measured quantities, test conditions, measurement frequencies, measurement data analysis and inference methods, etc.The reliability indicators and preliminary diagnostic tests were used to select the diagnostic signal reception points. Functional systems and the most unreliable subassemblies were defined in this way. The tests were carried out for auxiliary marine engines with the same rotational speed and fueled by distillation and residual fuels. The tests were conducted for several types of combustion engines.
Publisher E3S Web of Conferences
Title Experiment designing in operating investigations of subassembly of the marine energy systems
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