Autor(s) Łapko, Aleksandra
Autor(s) Panasiuk, Aleksander
Date of issue 2019
ISSN 2352-1465 pl_PL
Abstract One of the functions of cities is the tourist function. The importance of this function increases, which results from the fact that cities are more and more often chosen as destinations for tourist trips. However, because cities are by definition multifunctional, there is a system of dependencies between the tourist function and the other functions implemented by cities. The article concerns water tourism cultivated in the center of Szczecin in 2010-2017. The research included sea and river cruising as well as nautical tourism. The conducted analysis was focused on the dependencies existing between the tourist traffic generated by the participants of water tourism and the demand for services, with particular emphasis on transport services. The needs resulting from the service of the vessels themselves were also analyzed, e.g. supply and waste collection services. The article is based on a literature analysis, documentary research and observation. In addition, it uses mathematical and statistical methods and a case study
Publisher Transportation Research Procedia
Title Water tourism as a recipient of transport services on the example of Szczecin
Type Journal Article en_US