Autor(s) Monieta, Jan
Date of issue 2019
ISSN 2076-3417 pl_PL
Abstract This paper presents the planning of an experiment aimed at determining the scope of scientific research. It has been demonstrated in the conducted reliability investigations that main and auxiliary combustion engines, chosen as the objects of marine vessels, are the most unreliable components of injection apparatus as a weak link of a fuel feed functional system. The author seeks to use the minimum number of diagnostic parameters to obtain the maximum amount of information about the state of the test object. Reliability indexes, theoretical research and preliminary diagnostic tests were used to select the diagnostic signal reception points. In the initial determination of the measured quantities, the following methods were used: decomposition of the combustion engine on a functional systems, significant assemblies and elements, analysis of working and residual processes. Preliminary tests of the injection subsystem were carried out outside the internal combustion engine, as well as tests on real objects in laboratory conditions and in the conditions of marine vessels. To obtain a lot of information about the research object, a lot of diagnostic parameters were used at the beginning. On this basis, the preliminary selection of signals and diagnostic parameters related to the technical state was carried out, conducting the analysis in the various domains. Methodical and experimental diagnostic models were elaborated.
Title Selection of diagnostic symptoms and injection subsystems of marine reciprocating internal combustion engines
Type Journal Article en_US