Autor(s) Łapko, Aleksandra
Autor(s) Hącia, Ewa
Autor(s) Strulak-Wójcikiewicz, Roma
Autor(s) Wagner, Natalia
Date of issue 2019
ISSN 1733-2486 pl_PL
Abstract The aim of the article is to present results of research on the use of internet platforms in nautical tourism. For the purposes of this article, a research hypothesis has been made that platforms can be a helpful tool for boaters and cruise planners. For the needs of the study, research was conducted among representatives of yacht port operators operating in selected Baltic countries regarding their opinion on the possibilities and legitimacy of using online platforms in their daily work. In addition, selected internet platforms were assessed according to the adopted criteria. While conducting the research, a survey method was used. A group of experts was surveyed using a standardized questionnaire, and websites were explored. The obtained results allowed to establish that the tool such as internet platforms is not often used in nautical tourism, while its use is justified and could be helpful for tourists, e.g. when planning cruises. The article presents conclusions that may serve as recommendations for the creation of a comprehensive tool supporting the process of booking berths in ports, yacht charter and planning a cruise.
Publisher Przedsiębiorczość i Zarządzanie
Title Zastosowanie platform internetowych w turystyce żeglarskiej
Type Journal Article en_US