Autor(s) Łapko, Aleksandra
Autor(s) Müller, Martina
Date of issue 2018
ISSN 1643-5494 pl_PL
Abstract Background. Destination branding is a complicated, long-lasting and challenging process because destination is the most complex tourist product which involves various other tourism products and various entities what requires a special approach. Research aims. The basic aim of the article is to show using the example of the SOUTH COAST BALTIC brand, how the process of a cross border umbrella tourist destination proceeds. Methodology. Apart from the case study, the authors used such methods as: literature and documentation analysis and participant observation. Both authors are directly involved in marketing and pro-quality activities aimed at building the described brand. Therefore, the study is also based on practical knowledge about the subject discussed. Findings. The basic problem in the building a cross-border tourist destination brand such as SOUTH COAST BALTIC is to take into account the differences between the countries and regions that make up the described brand. The brand creation process requires regular monitoring of the needs and preferences of the sailors in order to make the product identified best suited to their expectations.
Publisher 2018 | 14 pkt. | International Journal of Contemporary Management
Title Destination Branding Process Exampled by the South Coast Baltic Region
Type Journal Article en_US