Autor(s) Monieta, Jan
Date of issue 2018
ISSN # pl_PL
Abstract The intensity of infrared radiation emitted by objects depends mainly on their temperature. One of the diagnostic signals may be the temperature field. In infrared thermography, this quantity is used as an indicator of the technical condition of marine objects. The article presents an overview of the use of infrared thermography for the diagnosis mainly of marine piston floating objects and various types of reciprocating internal combustion engines as well as examples of own research results. A general introduction to infrared thermography and common procedures for temperature measurement and non-destructive testing are presented. Experimental research was carried out both in laboratory conditions and in the operating conditions of sea-going vessels. Experimental studies consisted of the presentation of photographs of the same objects made in visible light and the use of infrared thermography. The same objects were also compared, but for different cylinders of the tested internal combustion engines as well as for the up state and fault state. The characteristics of the temperature values at selected points were taken depending on the engine load along with the approximation mathematical models of these dependencies.
Publisher MATEC Web of Conferences
Title The use of thermography in the diagnosis of ship piston internal combustion engines
Type Journal Article en_US