Autor(s) Łapko, Aleksandra
Autor(s) Osypchuk, Oleksandra
Date of issue 2018
ISSN 1898-0511 pl_PL
Abstract The main aim of the article is to present the current situation on the market of sailing training services in the West Pomeranian Province and to answer the question whether entities that provide such services are necessary when sailing courses are not obligatory anymore. The first part of the article presents the current regulations on the conditions for obtaining sailing license and the statistics on the number of licenses issued in 2009-2016. Then the offer of selected training centers operating in the West Pomeranian Province is described. In addition to study on the supply, the authors carried out study on the demand. This concerned the reasons why respondents chose to attend a sailing course.
Publisher European Journal of Service Management
Title Offer of sail training in the West Pomeranian Province in the light of the applicable regulations
Type Journal Article en_US