Autor(s) Polkowski, Wojciech
Autor(s) Jasionowski, Robert
Date of issue 2018
ISSN 1733-3490 pl_PL
Abstract Analysis of a crystallographic texture (a preferred orientation) effect on cavitation wear resistance of the as-cast CuZn10 alloy, has been conducted in the present paper. The experiment was conducted on the CuZn10 alloy samples with <101>//ND or <111>//ND preferred orientations (where the ND denotes direction that is perpendicular to the exposed surface). The cavitation resistance examinations have been carried out on three different laboratory stands (namely, vibration, jet-impact and flow stan ds) that are characterized by a various intensity and a way of cavitation’s excitement. Obtained results point towards a higher cavitation resistance of the CuZn10 alloy with the <111> // ND preferred orientation.
Publisher Archives of Metallurgy and Materials
Title Effect of Crystalographic Texture on Cavitation Wear Resistance of as-Cast CuZn10 Alloy
Type Journal Article en_US