Autor(s) Chybowski, Leszek
Autor(s) Grządziel, Zenon
Autor(s) Gawdzińska, Katarzyna
Date of issue 2018
ISSN # pl_PL
Abstract This article explores the issue of shore protection from sea waves and has presented the main methods used for coastal protection. It discusses the construction and operation of the multi-tubular floating sea wave damper that has been developed at the Maritime University of Szczecin by Professor Bolesław Kuźniewski. This paper presents the results of the research project aimed at creating and examining a prototype of the device. The research aimed to confirm the two hypotheses: “the largest damping force should occur when the damping units are placed at an optimal distance equal to half the length of the wave to be damped” and “a compensation of the horizontal forces caused by the rippling of water should occur in the damping device”. Simulation studies of the behaviour of the device’s buoyancy elements when floating on waves were performed using the ANSYS AQWAWB and AQWA software. The buoyancy components were modelled as TUBE elements with a diameter of 0.11 m and a length of 1.5 m and as triangular and square surface elements. The results of the experimental research and the computer simulation of the operation of the prototype device have also been presented. The external conditions adopted corresponded to the frequency of a wave equal to 0.807 Hz and to the wave height in front of the device which was equal to 0.1 m. Experimental studies were conducted in an auxiliary model basin with dimensions of 60 m × 7 m × 3.12 m at the Ship Hydromechanics Division, Ship Design and Research Centre (CTO S. A.) in Gdańsk (Poland). The study recorded the distribution of the vertical and horizontal forces acting on the prototype device as well as the wave height both in front of and behind the device. Both hypotheses were proven. Simulation and experimental studies have been summarised. A proposal for future works has also been presented.
Title Simulation and Experimental Studies of a Multi-Tubular Floating Sea Wave Damper
Type Journal Article en_US