Autor(s) Monieta, Jan
Date of issue 2017
ISSN 2300-9896 pl_PL
Abstract The article presents the stages of fuel injection modeling of the four-stroke marine diesel engines as a set of functional blocks the of the fuel waves flow. The elaborated model includes the values of changing pressures in the combustion chamber and the course of changes of the pressure in spaces of the injection pump, injection pipe and the injector. Linear and local losses, as well as the conditions for the functioning were taken into account in stages of the fuel flow. The influence of different values of the engine load on the pressure course of the in individual spaces of injection apparatus and in the engine cylinder during the working cycle depending on the crank angle of rotation of the crankshaft have been simulated. The math- ematical relationships were selected and the structural and experimental data are used, allowing the calculation of the parameters of interest for the simulated process.
Title Modelling of the fuel injection of medium speed marine diesel engines
Type Journal Article en_US