Autor(s) Gucma, Lucjan
Autor(s) Bilewski, Mateusz
Autor(s) Artyszuk, Jarosław
Autor(s) Drwięga, Kinga
Date of issue 2017
ISSN 2083-6473 pl_PL
Abstract The article presents a system for determining dynamic under keel clearance. In order to build a DRWPS system, a mixed model was created based on the analysis of math models. The system includes advisory software for defining the conditions fot the entering of large LNG vessels in the context of under keel clearance and software was built to support the decision-making of operators who are responsible for introducing these vessels to the Port of Świnoujście.
Publisher 2017 | TransNav - The International Journal on Marine Navigation and Safety of Sea Transportation
Title System for Determining Dynamic Under Keel Clearance of Vessels Entering the Port of Świnoujście (DRWPS)
Type Journal Article en_US