Autor(s) Grochała, Daniel
Autor(s) Grządziel, Zenon
Date of issue 2017
ISSN 1644-9665 pl_PL
Abstract Modeling of burnishing steel objects made of X42CrMo4 steel with a ceramic ZrO2 ball has been a substantial part of research into modeling of burnishing operations. The industrial sector has shown much attention to burnishing injection molds, matrices and press tools. When combined with milling, burnishing is able to produce very good parameters of surface roughness [1–6]. Some authors [2–5] demonstrated a close link between roughness parameters after burnishing and the surface shape obtained after milling. The synergy effect of combined milling and burnishing and its parameter identification issues were discussed at length in [2]. In most cases [1–6], the optimal technological parameters of machining operations are determined in experimental investigations. The present paper shows the method of developing and validating an FEM model. It can be used to identify the effect of milling and burnishing parameters on stress in the surface layer and plastic deformations of surface geometry of the work piece without having to conduct expensive and time-con- suming experiments. The model can be used to preselect machining parameters to produce injection molds, matrices and press tools.
Title Modeling of burnishing thermally toughened X42CrMo4 steel with a ceramic ZrO2 ball
Type Journal Article en_US