Autor(s) Abramowski, Tomasz
Autor(s) Sugalski, Karol
Date of issue 2017
ISSN 1733-8670 pl_PL
Abstract This paper presents the general method for hull shape optimization of fishing boats with the objective of reducing resistance. In particular, it presents an example of the results of the application of resistance-reducing devices such as the ducktail, the cylindrical bulb and the streamlined bulbous bow. The resistance was determined using computational fluid dynamics (CFD). For the purpose of flow simulation, the OpenFoam system, distributed under an open source license, was used. The turbulent, unsteady flow with free surface liquid around the analyzed hulls was computed and investigated for potential resistance reduction. Ultimately, the calculation results were generalized by the parameterization of dimensionless geometric variables for the shape of a bulbousbow and were given in a form suitable for practical application in the hull design process.
Title Energy saving procedures for fishing vessels by means of numerical optimization of hull resistance
Type Journal Article en_US