Autor(s) Ćwirko, Konrad
Autor(s) Kalbarczyk-Jedynak, Agnieszka
Date of issue 2017
ISSN 2299-0461 pl_PL
Abstract Oily wastewaters from different onshore and offshore installations and from maritime transport pose a serious threat to the environment so they must be treated by multistage separation also including membrane processes. The main advantages of such membranes are high performance and selectivity, high resistance for temperature and pressure, resistance for acids, bases and solvents, long service life and for application - significant reduction of industries and transport environmental impact. This work presents the results of the process of separation of oil from the emulsion with NaCl addition. Research was performed with a use of laboratory installation with ceramic 300 kDa membrane. The analysis concerned performance and selectivity of a membrane in the function of time and test results have been subsequently compared with the requirements of the IMO.
Title Performance and selectivity of ceramic membranes in the ultrafiltration of model emulsion in saline
Type Journal Article en_US