Autor(s) Piasecki, Tomasz
Autor(s) Bejger, Artur
Autor(s) Kozak, Maciej
Autor(s) Gawdzińska, Katarzyna
Date of issue 2017
ISSN 1425-5960 pl_PL
Abstract This article discusses all steps that have to be performed to prepare the cargo system on board a membrane tank LNG vessel with steam turbine propulsion. We will present the preparation for discharging at an offshore LNG terminal. All tests and preparations have to be done according to the ship-specific checklists and company procedures. Only qualified and experienced personnel should be responsible for this job. In practice, these are the Cargo Engineer and the Chief Officer. The Cargo Engineer is responsible for all cargo equipment fully operational condition. The Chief Officer is in charge of all cargo operations.
Title Preparation of the cargo system for lng discharge from a membrane steam turbine lng vessel at an offshore lng terminal
Type Journal Article en_US