Autor(s) Jasionowski, Robert
Date of issue 2016
ISSN 1897-2764 pl_PL
Abstract Purpose: The main purpose of the paper is to present Computer Aided Materials Selection Software 2016 (CAMSS 2016) program, as well as to show its potential applicability as a tool for the selection of engineering materials. Design/methodology/approach: The project assumed a formation of computer database of materials properties and a system for the selection of structural materials. The software should be useful in industry, research entities and universities. Research limitations/implications: The only limitation of CAMSS 2016 software comes from a minimum screen resolution. The software properly display all information (including phase diagrams) when at least 1280x720 screen resolution is applied. Practical implications: CAMSS 2016 includes information regarding chemical composition, physical and mechanical properties (at low and elevated temperature), and required conditions for thermomechanical processing. CAMSS 2016 may be also applied to: the identification of materials based on chemical composition of physical and mechanical properties, a material selection for particular applications or a selection of proper material substitute. Originality/value: CAMSS 2016 is one of the
Publisher 2016 | 13 pkt. | Archives of Materials Science and Engineering
Title CAMSS 2016 – a new software for a computer aided selection of engineering materials
Type Journal Article en_US