Autor(s) Łapko, Aleksandra
Date of issue 2016
ISSN 2352-1465 pl_PL
Abstract With the growing environmental awareness and popularization of the idea of sustainable development in various areas of the economy, it becomes popular to promote solutions beneficial for the environment. This trend can also be observed in the nautical tourism. Electric motors become increasingly popular sources of the main or auxiliary drive in yachts and other small vessels. Their advantages include emission-free operation and low noise level. The second feature is of particular importance for environmentally valuable waters and waters belonging to urban areas with major tourist attractions. The aim of this article is to compare selected traditional and electric motors and indicate the advantages and disadvantages of each solution.
Publisher Transportation Research Procedia
Title The Use of Auxiliary Electric Motors in Boats and Sustainable Development of Nautical Tourism – Cost Analysis, the Advantages and Disadvantages of Applied Solutions
Type Journal Article en_US