Autor(s) Jasionowski, Robert
Autor(s) Zasada, Dariusz
Date of issue 2015
ISSN 1662-9779 pl_PL
Abstract Results of an analysis of effect of wearing type on surface structural changes of a Ni3Al intermetallic alloy, are shown in the present paper. A microstructure evaluation was carried out by Quanta 3D FEG field emission gun scanning electron microscope (FEG SEM) equipped with an integrated EDS/WDS/EBSD system. The Ni3Al-based intermetallic alloy with an addition of boron, zirconium and chromium was examined. The investigated material had γ’ single-phase, ordered solid solution structure with 20 μm grain size. An electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD) method was applied to visualize surface structural changes upon an abrasive, a cavitational and a tribological wearing of the material. An observation of surface layer after the abrasive wear was carried out on samples examined in loose abradant by T-07 tester and according to GOST 23.2008-79 norm. An analysis of cavitational wear on changes in the near surface area of Ni3Al-based alloy was performed on an impact-jet stand. Observed structural changes were described based on results of the SEM/EBSD complex structural examination and hardness measurements. It was found, that the EBSD is an effective and sensitive method that allows estimating surface strain introduced during analyzed wearing types.
Publisher Solid State Phenomena
Title Analysis of the Effect of The Wearing Type on Surface Structural Changes of Ni3Al-based Intermetallic Alloy
Type Journal Article en_US