Autor(s) Gawdzińska, Katarzyna
Autor(s) Chybowski, Leszek
Autor(s) Bejger, Artur
Autor(s) Krile, Srećko
Date of issue 2016
ISSN 0543-5846 pl_PL
Abstract The paper describes a method for determining technological parameters of the formation process of saturated composites based on SiC by applying the theory of dynamic similarity. Empirical relations have been presented in terms of hydraulic analysis of the saturated liquid flow (liquid metal) and determination of the saturated composite density depending on the technological parameters of its formation process: saturation time and pressure. Adopting the method for determining the density of silumin composites reinforced with silicon carbide by means of Wood’s metal as a model liquid has been described. Microscope images of the composite structure have been shown after filling it with the model liquid. Remarks have been made on the application of the method.
Title Determination of technological parameters of saturated composites based on sic by means of a model liquid
Type Journal Article en_US