Autor(s) Polkowski, Wojciech
Autor(s) Jasionowski, Robert
Date of issue 2016
Abstract The main reason of a cavitational destruction is the mechanical action of cavitation pulses onto the material’s surface. The course of cavitation destruction process is very complex and depends on the physicochemical and structural features of a material. A resistance to cavitation destruction of the material increases with the increase of its mechanical strength, fatigue resistance as well as hardness. Nevertheless, the effect of structural features on the material’s cavitational resistance has been not fully clarified. In the present paper, the cavitation destruction of ZnAl4 as cast alloy was investigated on three laboratory stands: vibration, jet-impact and flow stands. The destruction mechanism of ZnAl4 as cast alloy subjected to cavitational erosion using various laboratory stands is shown in the present paper.
Publisher Archives of Foundry Engineering
Title Destruction Mechanism of ZnAl4 as Cast Alloy Subjected to Cavitational Erosion Using Different Laboratory Stands
Type Journal Article en_US