Autor(s) Jasionowski, Robert
Autor(s) Pędzich, Zbigniew
Autor(s) Przetakiewicz, Wojciech
Date of issue 2015
ISSN 1733-3490 pl_PL
Abstract The problem of the devastation of fluid-flow machinery components is very complex, because it consists of processes of erosion and corrosion. The most dangerous factor is the cavitation phenomenon, which is very difficult to eliminate through the use of design solutions. Usage of materials with greater resistance to cavitation erosion seems to be an obvious effective method of prevention. Such materials as FeAl intermetallic alloys and ceramic materials may be considered as reasonable candidates for this purpose. In the presented work, cavitation erosion resistance of FeAl intermetallic alloys and Al2O3 – based ceramic materials, was investigated and compared.
Title Cavitation Erosion Resistance Of Feal Intermetallic Alloys And Al2O3 – Based Ceramics
Type Journal Article en_US