Autor(s) Gucma, Stanisław
Autor(s) Artyszuk, Jarosław
Date of issue 2015
ISSN 1734-2015 pl_PL
Abstract The paper presents a two-stage optimisation approach of sea-going ferry main particulars intended for a particular route. The method is especially suited for determining owner's specific design requirements. The goal of the first stage is a maximisation of cargo capacity, mostly in terms of the total lane length. Empirical method based on the fleet statistics of existing ferries is used throughout the stage one. The objective function of the second stage are the capital and service costs of a ferry, which are to be minimised. The solution of the latter optimisation will essentially involve a ship manoeuvring motions simulation.
Publisher Logistics and Transport
Title Main particulars optimization of a sea-going ferry for a given shipping route.
Type Journal Article en_US