Autor(s) Jasionowski, Robert
Autor(s) Pędzich, Zbigniew
Date of issue 2014
ISSN 2084-6096 pl_PL
Abstract The usage of ceramic materials in applications endangered by intensive cavitation could limit erosion phenomena. Especially effective improvement could be achieved with the application of sintered ceramic matrix composites (CMC). The presented work describes the cavitation wear resistance of a few CMCs in comparison to mono-phase ceramic sinters made of alumina and tetragonal zirconia. Their degradation was described by the volumetric loss of material. Additionally, the cavitation degradation mechanisms of each particular material were determined by detailed observations of worn surfaces at different stages of wear.
Publisher Composites Theory and Practice
Title Cavitation wear of ceramics - part II. Cavitation wear mechanisms of composites with oxide matrices
Type Journal Article en_US