Autor(s) Jasionowski, Robert
Autor(s) Zasada, Dariusz
Date of issue 2014
ISSN 1897-3310 pl_PL
Abstract Influence of chemical composition and material structure on the abrasive wear of Ni3Al intermetallic alloy in loose abrasive was investigated in details. Boron, zirconium and chromium were used as the alloying elements. The alloys are made up of ’ or ’+ phases (single-phase, ordered matrix + disordered area). Grain size of the alloys was varied: 5, 20 and 45 m. Abrasive were experiments were performed with T-07 tester (Norma company) in accordance to the GOST 23.2008-79 standard. Mechanism of surface layer damaging exposed to the loose abrasive was described on the basis of the obtained structural and topographical experiments. The results revealed that relative abrasive wear in loose abrasive is approximately same for all the investigated alloys with varied grain size.
Publisher Archives of Foundry Engineering
Title Abrasive Wear of Fine-grained Ni3Al Intermetallic Alloys
Type Journal Article en_US