Scientific Research
Fields of scientific research conducted by the Institute of Marine Traffic Engineering
  1. Safety of navigationi:
  • Ship’s maneuvering safety,
  • Safety of hydrotechnical constructions,
  1. Marine traffic engineering:
  • Methods of traffic vessel simulation,
  • Methods of estimating safety indicators,
  • Methods of navigational risk assessment,
  • Water ways optimization,
  • Under keel clearance determination,
  • Fishing vessel traffic safety,
  • Vessel traffic streams;
  1. Pilot navigation,
  • Pilot systems,
  • Reference systems in pilot navigation,
  • Use of satellite systems in pilot systems;
  1. Exploitation of the specified Baltic Sea fishing areas with special emphasis on salmon – like fish;
  2. Ecological monitoring of the sea;
  3. Risk of underwater pipelines exploitation;
  4. Systems of supervision and control of vessel traffic systems VTS;
  5. Navigating a ship on a fairway;
  6. Radio - navigation systems of a ship’s position determination;
  7. Radio - location systems of a ship’s position determination ;
  8. Artificial intelligence methods in marine navigation;
  9. Construction of three – dimensional sea bottom charts;
  10. Processing genetic algorithms for estimating economic effects of ships’ failures;