Scientific research carried by the staff of the Institute of Marine Technologies is realized in the framework of statutory research and Ministry of Science and Higher Education projects. The most important areas of research include:
  1. Safety of navigation.
  2. Marine traffic engineering.
  3. Artificial intelligence methods in marine navigation:
    • artificial neural networks,
    • fuzzy logic,
    • genetic algorithms,
    • expert systems.
  4. Support of decision-making in the control of ships' movement:
    • acquisition and processing of navigation information with the use of information technologies,
    • identification of dangerous situations in ships' traffic
    • ship trajectory optimization,
    • maritime traffic optimization in the ships' traffic control and monitoring systems,
    • ocean route optimization - planning the route depending on the weather,
    • navigational decision support systems,
    • autonomous systems of communication and co-operation of ships.
  5. Research and modeling of traffic streams with impaired randomness.
  6. The use of computational mathematics in selected marine navigation problems.
  7. Discrete Mathematics - Domatic partitions of graphs and their products.