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“World of Maritime Publications” - digital library of the Maritime University of Szczecin

The Digital Library “World of Maritime Publications” provides maritime databases and digitized collections of the Main Library of the Maritime University of Szczecin. It allows online access to electronic versions of scientific publications, didactic materials for students and other documents in the field of broadly understood maritime economy.

For building professional repositories of digital resources d’Libra software is used, which enables collecting and sharing digital resources.
The resources of the Digital Library “World of Maritime Publications” will be available without restrictions via the Internet. However, at the request of the authors or owners of publishing rights, they can be limited by; for example; making available only in the network of the Main Library of the Maritime University of Szczecin; in the University’s network; share only some fragments or share text without copying or editing possibility, etc.

The resources of the Digital Library “ World of MaritimePublications” has been divided into 5 large thematic collections:

  1. Science and didactics
  2. Bases, Portals, Links
  3. Marine and Sailing
  4. From the life of the Maritime University of Szczecin
  5. Bibliographies

The collections include:

  • serial publications,
  • scripts, textbooks and didactic materials,
  • scientific achievements of employees of the Maritime University of Szczecin and other universities related to maritime affairs,
  • conference materials,
  • doctorates,
  • articles from periodicals,
  • articles ordered for the Digital Library “World of Maritime Publications”,
  • addresses of portals and websites related to maritime economy,
  • active links of access the to the IMO database
  • maritime databases,
  • photos, etc.

By sharing publications in digital version, we will provide researchers, students and all interested parties with wide and quick access to scientific literature, exchange of ideas and experiences.

EUROPEANA - European Digital Library

EUROPEANA contains resources of dozens of digital libraries from all over Europe. These resources include over 250,000 digital objects made available by cultural and scientific institutions from all over Poland. Among them there are valuable collections from our national heritage, interesting regional collections and contemporary scientific and educational publications. Most of the collections are available without any restrictions.

POLONA - National Digital Library

Polona is a modern portal that provides access to the National Library collections. It is a tool allowing for the general opening of the treasury and magazines of the National Library for the readers. It will also allow presenting collections of other cultural institutions. Since 2016, there is also the entire collection of the Polish Internet Library (PBI).

ZBC POMERANIA - West Pomeranian Digital Library

West Pomeranian Digital Library “Pomerania” and the Distributed Central Catalogue of Szczecin and Region Libraries (RoK@Bi).
The co-organizers of the project are members of the West Pomeranian Library Association.
These collections are developed and made available online on the Internet. The ZBC “Pomerania” collection will include:

  • national heritage of cultural heritage - selected historical monuments
  • pomeranian – monuments of regional literature
  • full texts (archival and current resources) of official documents, local law

One of the most important collections are educational materials: “Science and didactics”, where are scientific articles and journals, scripts, textbooks, conference materials, research projects implemented from European Union funds, PhDs and postdoctoral degrees, thus creating a repository of West Pomeranian libraries and colleges.

Maritime links


  • Patenscope - patent information database of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). It is a bibliographic and abstract database with access to selected full texts (possible access to full texts of patent applications made in the “Browse by Week” mode).
  • International Geographical Bibliography - IGB is a bibliographic database, administered under the patronage of the world scientific committee and supported by the International Geographical Union.

    It provides information on the latest geographic publications in the world, with summaries in either French or English. Offers a keyword search system (by subject or place) in French, English or Spanish. It offers analysis of articles from major magazines of geographical importance (300), books, congresses, theses, maps and atlases divided into sections (theoretical, thematic and regional).

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