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Incoming students Application procedure

How to apply for ERASMUS+ exchange?

If  you wish to study at Maritime University of Szczecin (MUS) as ERASMUS+ exchnage student you need to student of our PARTNER UNIVERSITY. 

Your University is not our partner? Please contact  International Office at your University and propose them cooperation with MUS. Once the agreement is signed the exchange will be possible.

How to apply?

First step

Please note that incoming Erasmus+ students should be officially nominated by their home institution. The nominations ahould be sent to   and it should include following data: name of the host institution, student`s name, surname, field of study, semester they were qualified and students email adress.

Second step

 After being nominated  you should send the application documents   to the International Mobility Office at MUS at  The application needs to include:

  1.  Application form
  2.  Learning Agreement  proposition of Your study plan during your staying at MUS. You can find the propositions of each Faculty  here.  LA has to be approved by Erasmus Coordinator at Your University.
  3. Transcript of records  - the list of subjects that you`ve already realized at Your University. It will let Us know whether the  proposition of LA is  adequate for You.
  4. Copy of passport or ID.
  5. Scan of id photo


Your application ocuments should be sent the at the latest till: 

1) 30 th of July 2019  for winter semester 2019/2020 or whole academic year
2) 30th of November 2019 for summer semester 2019/2020.

Files to download:

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