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Godło Polski: orzeł w złotej koronie, ze złotymi szponami i dziobem, zwrócony w prawo Logo Akademii Morskiej: czerwony gryf w złotej koronie, z żółtym dziobem, zwrócony w prawo Maritime University of Szczecin

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Incoming staff Academic offer of Maritime University of Szczecin

ERASMUS+ staff week (8th - 12th May 2017)

Exchange yourself!  

Take part in networking, benchmarking and sharing knowledge, skills and experiences with Erasmus partners and colleagues from universities around Europe!

Maritime University of Szczecin welcome administrative and teaching staff with passion for career services, entrepreneurship and language development, in Higher Education and interested in partnerships and internationalization of career services. We will focus our attention on employability skills for students and professional development for staff, in the context of support to students in the job market The week’s program consists of outdoor workshop, round table discussions, presentations by invited external speakers and experts, problem solving cases and joint social program for all participants. The Training Week will be connected with the final meeting of MELES (More Entrepreneurial Life at European Schools) Strategic Partnership of ERASMUS+ project and present the results of the project

 The following topics of round table discussions will be covered:

1. Entrepreneurship

  • Helping students to manage by themselves
  • Innovative solutions for university entrepreneurship.
  • Encouraging students to become entrepreneurs.
  • Encouraging professors to mentor potential entrepreneurs.
  • Encouraging professors to detect innovative ideas.
  • Dealing with ideas and innovation.
  • Finding ways to enhance multidisciplinary synergies.
  • Mentoring and training programmes for entrepreneurs.
  • Networking entrepreneurship practices in Universities.
  • Academic enterprise incubators and accelerators.
  • Finding ways to attract investment for university entrepreneurs.
  • The boom of social entrepreneurship.

2. Job training and counselling 

  • Facing new times: New approaches in training students for a successful transition into labour market.
  • Information and advice in job searching to senior students and recent graduates.
  • Strategies and tools to make job search efficient.
  • Strategies in CV writing and preparing an interview.
  • Best practices in counselling and training for employment.
  • The key role of emotional intelligence and soft skills.
  • Training for employment as an academic curricular matter.
  • Training professors as job advisors.
  • International mobility under the Erasmus+ programme as a tool for employability

3. Language Teaching

  • Teaching English for specific purpose to foreigners.
  • Academic curriculum vs employers’ expectations.
  • Teaching business to students with no business experience.
  • How to teach writing skills to functional illiterates?
  • Can you apply Maritime English in your daily routines?
  • Maritime English – a useful or distractive tool in inter- personal relations on a vessel.
  • Maritime or General English which is more useful for a seaman?

The event will include presentations, workshops as well as opportunities to network, benchmark and share your expertise with colleagues around Europe. We’ll also have a parallel cultural programme and time to visit the campus, our spin-offs and local entrepreneurial areas and discover the city and its beautiful surroundings. 

The language of Erasmus Staff Training Week is English.We remind you that European Union participants have the possibility to apply for ERASMUS+ Staff Training mobility grants from their home institutions (Participants are kindly requested to contact their home institution for STT funding, where possible). 

To apply please send the completed APPLICATION FORM to by 28th of February 2017. The deadline for application will be open until 28th of February 2017 or until vacancies are filled. The maximum number of participants is limited to 25.
The selected participants will get a confirmation by e-mail shortly after the application deadline.

Practical informations such as hotel list and booking and traveling details will be provided by e-mail to all qualified participants.

For more information please send an email to or call +48 91 480 95 19. 

Looking forward to meeting you at our University.


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