Akademia Morska, Akademia Morska w SzczecinieThe Faculty of Navigation of the Maritime University of Szczecin and the Faculty of Mining and Geo-engineering of AGH University of Science and Technology of Krakow are just launching education in the field of maritime mining. According to the agreement, the AGH shall provide instruction concerning mining while the MU will deal with navigation, vessel traffic and safety procedures at sea.
Prof. Antoni Tajduś, Rector of AGH: ”I am very happy about the next agreement between AGH and MU of Szczecin. We are having  model cooperation, hoping that our common innovative project shall hit the target, meeting students’ interest and the needs of maritime and mining industry professional specialists as well as employers’.    
Our schedule covers the following:
  • Organizing international conferences on maritime mining both in Krakow and Szczecin,
  • Launching new specialties in the basic fields (navigation –at the MU and mining – at the AGH) called by their working name: exploration of the sea bottom natural resources,
  • Launching common post – graduate studies preparing both universities’ graduates for their work in maritime mining industry,
  • Realization of common research projects and setting up research teams for maritime mining,
  • Eventually, launching new studies in the common macro - field of maritime mining;

Maritime mining is widely understood as the sea bottom natural resources exploration. It refers to both currently extracted natural resources (like crude oil and gas) and future mining (excavation of the sea bottom concertion). AGH workers get their skills due to cooperation with Petrobaltic Company, whereas MU workers have their practice on board specialist ships, research vessels exploring sea bottom natural resources and on oil rigs. Such field of the universities’ cooperation is supported by Interoceanmetal Company management, located in Szczecin, which focuses on research and preparation of technologies for concretion extraction from the Pacific Ocean bottom plot, Clipperton.

Prof. Stanisław Gucma, Master Mariner, Rector of the Maritime University of Szczecin: „Although the project is the next common one realized by the MU and AGH (the 1st one has been the post-graduate studies for instructing LNG specialists, it is the first enterprise of that kind as far as maritime education is concerned. We may boldly state that it is a worldwide novelty. The connection of the AGH and the MU scientific potential opens the door to the introduction of innovative technologies not only to the educational process , but also to practical application in extracting industry development.