The second meeting in the cycle STEERING FOR CAREER is behind us. In March, an occasion for a meeting was the WOMEN'S DAY and, thus, the guest was Klaudia Skotnica-Filat, Master Mariner and a graduate of the former Higher Maritime School (now Maritime University of Szczecin).

An official agreement on cooperation between the Maritime University of Szczecin and the Maritime School Complex in Darłowo was signed on Friday, 9th March, in Szczecin.

Technologically advanced solutions arrived at the laboratories of the Maritime University of Szczecin at the beginning of this year. Thanks to modern equipment which will be used by students and scientists, the University does not lose its speed, extending its teaching and scientific offer.

The Maritime University of Szczecin obtained the EP2504719 European patent “A method and system of navigational decision support in the process of safe vessel navigation” granted by the European Patent Office.

We would like to inform that, in February 2018, the Marine Officers' Training Centre was subject to an audit carried out by three representatives of the Ministry of Maritime Economy and Inland Navigation, the aim of which was to extend the approval of our centre to include trainings conducted in English.

In the period 19-23 February 2018, the fifth session of the Sub -Committee on Navigation, Communication and Search and Rescue (NCSR) of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) was held in London.

On 23.02 the annual Szczecin E(x)plory Scientific Festival was held in Technopark Pomerania.

The working group 125 - for Inland Waterways of the World Association for Waterborne Transport Infrastructure - PIANC meets at the Maritime University of Szczecin on 21st and 22nd February 2018. 

On 20th February 2018, the Training Centre of the Maritime University in Kołobrzeg hosted the participants of the 4th meeting of the Working Group for NSS 17 (previously - 20) - Smart Maritime Technologies. 

About 1000 people visited the Maritime University of Szczecin on Monday, 19th February. The open day was an opportunity for presentation of the training and research facilities of the University, getting the future students acquainted with the lecturers and the university space.

We are proud to inform that, on 14th February 2018, the Maritime University of Szczecin completed negotiations with the National Centre for Research and Development concerning the activity scope of the project NEW HORIZONS.

Student admissions to a new specialisation of graduate (Master) degree programme are open until 20th February 2018. Launching the new specialisation in the field of Transport is an answer to the increasing demand signalled by the TFL sector for specialists within the scope of traffic control and transport systems management. 

The conference of the rectors of Baltic States took place between 24th and 26th January at Abo Akademi University in Turku, Finland.

On 25.01.2018, the 3rd Maritime Security Forum was held in Warsaw. It was devoted to increasing of the potential of the Polish Navy as well as exchange of ideas within the scope of interoperability between the NATO countries.
On 15th January 2018, our University was visited by representatives of the Zhejiang Ocean University in south-east China. Following mutual presentation, the participants of the meeting began talks on possible forms of cooperation, especially in the area of education.