The Marine Engineering Faculty of the Maritime University of Szczecin has arranged an additional student recruitment for the 1st year of regular 1st degree studies in the academic year 2009/2010 (winter semester) in the fields of:
- Mechatronics
- Mechanics and Machine Construction
On 16.12.2009 in the Maritime Transport and Inland Shipping Department of the Ministry of Infrastructure there was held a working meeting concerning the issue of establishing a European Center of Maritime Education. Our university was represented by the Vice Rector for Science Przemyslaw Rajewski, PhD, 2nd MEng and the Dean of the Faculty of Navigation Jerzy Hajduk, PhD, Master Mariner. At the meeting, chaired by the director of the Maritime Transport and Inland Shipping Departmen,t Dorota Lost-Sieminska, there was set up a plan of action, worked out by the representatives of our University, as well as the structure of European Marine Education Agency (EMEA) was proposed.

Akademia Morska, Akademia Morska w SzczecinieProf. Aleksander Walczak, Master Mariner was born on 08.01.1930 in Grajewo (Province of Bialystok), the son of Aleksander and Helena (maiden surname: Mołs).
After completing the primary school in 1942 he continued his education in the 1st and 2nd gymnasium grades of clandestine classes. Having passed entrance exams for Gdynia Naval Academy, he became one of the three best students given the right to choose a marine unit on board which he was to sail. The second Lieutenan  Aleksander Walczak, the best graduate decided to choose ORP „Błyskawica”.  

The next step towards ensuring the state energetic safety!
Maritime University of Szczecin is supporting the Polish strategic investment.
       In the Maritime University of Szczecin Simulation Center of LNG Terminal and Loading Liquid Cargo Carriers will be set up, which shall enable the university to provide training for experts in safety of LNG shipping. In Europe it is going to be the third simulator of that type, which means that in order to get unique qualifications concerning the above mentioned issues, not only there won’t be necessity to go abroad, but also the offered trainings will be significantly less expensive.
Akademia Morska, Akademia Morska w SzczecinieOn 04.12.2009.MU hosted Julia Eilers and Ole Steinbach, representatives of Buss Crew Management GmbH & Co., which is a part of Reederei Buss Shipping Company, the founder of scholarships for over ten students of the Navigational and Marine Engineering Faculties of the Maritime University of Szczecin. At the meeting with the scholarship holders the issues of students’ signing on board the ship owner’s vessels in order to take regular on-board practice, as well as the possibilities of additional holiday sea practice were discussed.
Careers office of the Maritime University of Szczecin takes the pleasure to invite female students to the workshops entitled ‘Self-presentation and image shaping.’
The objectives of the workshops are:
- familiarization of the rules of passing and receiving information,
- preparation for individual self-presentation useful when seeking for a job or thesis defense,
- learning the ways of handling tension and stressful situations while presentations,
- acquiring the knowledge on one’s own image.
The Faculty of Navigation takes the great honor to inform that on 08.01.2010 there will be held celebration of the 80th birthday of Prof. Aleksander Walczak, Master Mariner, for many years standing University worker, Rector, Vice-Rector, Dean, an experienced captain, academic teacher and tutor as well as the author of numerous handbooks and publications. At present the Professor works at the Institute of Marine Navigation of the Faculty of Navigation at the Maritime University of Szczecin.
All the students are welcome to take part in the Trendence Graduate Barometer 2010 research. It is an electronic questionnaire containing questions on the level of study satisfaction and career aspirations as well as the expectations from future employers. The collected opinions from students all over Europe and their analysis in terms of similarities and differences between particular countries help students to get from the stage of education into a career life.
Akademia Morska, Akademia Morska w SzczecinieWe take the pleasure to inform that Maritime University of Szczecin has been granted the status of Marlins Approved Test Centre, which enables to carry out oral and written tests in maritime English as well as gives the authority to issue certificates recognized by the marine fleets worldwide including the British fleet, (for more details contact Maritime English Center at 91 48 09 537).
We have just signed NEXT TWO AGREEMENTS for realization of EU financial projects within the European Social Fund. On 28.10.2009 the Maritime University of Szczecin has signed an agreement with the Regional Job Office of Szczecin concerning the following projects co-financed by the European Union: “A EUROPEAN LOGISTICIAN” and “Authorized Trainings AutoCAD”. The projects’ total value exceeds 1mln PLN
The time from 08-18.10.2009 the Choir of the Maritime University of Szczecin conducted by Sylwia Fabianczyk-Makuch spent abroad on its concert tour. Their successful participation in the International Choir Festival in Rimini, Italy, ended in winning the Silver Diploma. Among their competitors were choirs from Russia, Venezuela, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovenia and Indonesia, the winners of the Golden Diploma and the festival grand Prix. The Choir of the Maritime University performed in Vatican, Venice and San Marino, promoting their first record entitled ”Greetings to the seas”
Maritime University of Szczecin has occupied the 1st position on the ranking list concerning projects financed within the RPOWZ/7.1.1/2009/1 competition of the West Pomeranian Province Regional Operational Program for the years 2007 - 2013
The 2nd, 3rd and 4th year students of the Faculty of Marine Engineering interested in the sponsored scholarship offered by PZM (Polish Steamship Company) are requested to apply to the Vice Rector for Maritime Affairs (room 11) till 26.10.2009
Are you proud of your university? Do you want to share it with others? Are you good at fighting your way through, good at making friends? – join the elite group, the pride of the Maritime University of Szczecin!!!! You are welcome to join the Student Promotion Group; we’re meeting on Tuesday, 20.10.2009 in the Hall of Tradition (the main building) at 15:45. Waiting for you and your ideas!!
The speech of HM Rector of the Maritime University of Szczecin, professor Stanisław Gucma, Master Mariner.