„Maritime University Careers Office has just announced the 3rd Photographic Competition „Maritime University: not only study, not only work…Passion on camera”

  1. Take or choose 2 pictures relating to the topic of the competition
  2. Send them by e-mail or with an application form at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or record them on a CD and deliver to room 34 (Waly Chrobrego)
  3. The deadline: 30.04.2010
  4. Join in and win attractive prizes!
  5. The competition organizers and sponsors are the following:
Akademia Morska, Akademia Morska w SzczecinieFrom 11.04.-14.04.2010 Maritime University of Szczecin hosted a delegation of the Murmansk State Technical University.The Rector of the Murmansk State Technical University, Prof. Alexander Ershov and the Rector of the Maritime University of Szczecin, Prof Stanisław Gucma, Master Mariner have signed an agreement on cooperation in the fields of science, didactics and scientific-technical information as well as scientific/ research and teaching staff and students’ exchange.
Akademia Morska, Akademia Morska w SzczecinieDiversity of gas supply to Poland in reference to the policy of “the state power energy until 2030” appears the priority. The LNG gas terminal in the outside port of Swinoujscie shall be completed in 2014. At present the designs of particular objects, the report of the terminal’s influence on he natural environment and the application for building permission have reached their final stage. The reception and trials of the LNG terminal (outside port, discharge stand, on-shore terminal) will start in the beginning of 2014. By this time both LNG terminal personnel and other companies staff cooperating with the terminal (pilots, tug and rescue vessel crews etc.) have to be recruited and trained.
90th anniversary of Poland’s regaining access to the Baltic Sea, the Senate of the Republic of Poland, 25.02.2010.
On 10.02.2010 it has been 90 years since General Józef Haller, on behalf of the Magnificent Republic of Poland performed a symbolic act of Poland’s wedding to the Baltic Sea. To commemorate the momentous event, in the Senate of the Republic of Poland “Baltic Sea, rivers- a chance for the development of Poland”, a conference concerning the issue of maritime as well as other economy sectors development is just being held. At 11.20 Prof. Jerzy Hajduk, Master Mariner of MU of Szczecin will give a speech on „Maritime economy, expectations and needs”.

Not only UM, but also other university students and staff will benefit from the projects worth over 6.5 million PLN.
The first one entitled “Development and promotion of the technical fields at the Maritime University of Szczecin” deals with starting Mechatronic, a new field of study at the Marine Engineering Faculty. For that reason the MU shall purchase two up-to-date laboratories of robotics and power electronics as well as software worth over 400 000 PLN. For all students who will find it necessary there will be compensatory classes of Mathematics and Physics available and the MU Career Office will offer attractive trainings. The studies will be free of charge.

Careers Office of the Maritime University of Szczecin announcement of the 3rd Photo Competition: “Maritime University-not only studying, not only work. Passions on camera”

  1. Take or select two of your photos related to the subject of the competition
  2. send them by e-mail with the application form enclosed at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or deliver them on a CD together with the application form to room 34 (Wały Chrobrego),
  3. The deadline of sending the photos is 30.04.2010
  4. Win a SUPER prize! The list of prizes soon!

Attention: ONLY Students of Maritime University of Szczecin may participate in the competition!!!

Careers Office of the Maritime University of Szczecin takes the pleasure to invite all regular and extramural students to a training entitled ‘Self-presentation-How to go successfully through an interview” run by AEGON Company workers on 11.03.2010; the training will take about 3 hours.
Akademia Morska, Akademia Morska w SzczeciniePoland's Wedding to the Sea – a patriotic act, first performed on February 10th 1920 at Puck and on March 17th 1945 in Mrzeżyno and on March 18th in Kołobrzeg.

In October 1919 Józef Haller took command of the Pomeranian Front created to recapture Pomerania, lost by the Paritions of Poland, peacefully and according to the plan on the basis of the Vesaille Treaty. According to the plan, taking over the land started on 18 January 1919 with recapturing Toruń by the troops of the 16th Pomeranian Division of Infantry. Particular localities were regained from the withdrawing German army until 11th February 1920 when the last soldiers left Gdańsk.
The idea of organizing the first World Meeting of Polish Engineers has been the reaction to the suggestions coming from Polish engineer societies both in Poland and abroad concerning the need for their worldwide integration as well as the promotion of the Polish engineers’ achievements in various branches of science.
Akademia Morska, Akademia Morska w Szczecinie Students of our university, led by Mrs Zofia Jozwiak-the Dean of the Faculty of Transport Engineering and Economics, actively participated in the final of the 18th edition of Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. This year Jurek Owsiak’s Orchestra “played” for children suffering from cancer. The Maritime University team kept their duty in Jasne Blonie- some of them collecting money, others in the university tent, encouraged people to participate in the auction of calendars and T-shirts with the University logo on as well as the CD of the MU choir. However, the greatest attraction was the life raft crowded by toddlers dressed up in life jackets and willingly taken pictures of by their parents. The financial result is 3 291.20 Pln and 12.60 Euros collected during the event.
The Marine Engineering Faculty of the Maritime University of Szczecin has arranged an additional student recruitment for the 1st year of regular 1st degree studies in the academic year 2009/2010 (winter semester) in the fields of:
- Mechatronics
- Mechanics and Machine Construction
On 16.12.2009 in the Maritime Transport and Inland Shipping Department of the Ministry of Infrastructure there was held a working meeting concerning the issue of establishing a European Center of Maritime Education. Our university was represented by the Vice Rector for Science Przemyslaw Rajewski, PhD, 2nd MEng and the Dean of the Faculty of Navigation Jerzy Hajduk, PhD, Master Mariner. At the meeting, chaired by the director of the Maritime Transport and Inland Shipping Departmen,t Dorota Lost-Sieminska, there was set up a plan of action, worked out by the representatives of our University, as well as the structure of European Marine Education Agency (EMEA) was proposed.

Akademia Morska, Akademia Morska w SzczecinieProf. Aleksander Walczak, Master Mariner was born on 08.01.1930 in Grajewo (Province of Bialystok), the son of Aleksander and Helena (maiden surname: Mołs).
After completing the primary school in 1942 he continued his education in the 1st and 2nd gymnasium grades of clandestine classes. Having passed entrance exams for Gdynia Naval Academy, he became one of the three best students given the right to choose a marine unit on board which he was to sail. The second Lieutenan  Aleksander Walczak, the best graduate decided to choose ORP „Błyskawica”.  

The next step towards ensuring the state energetic safety!
Maritime University of Szczecin is supporting the Polish strategic investment.
       In the Maritime University of Szczecin Simulation Center of LNG Terminal and Loading Liquid Cargo Carriers will be set up, which shall enable the university to provide training for experts in safety of LNG shipping. In Europe it is going to be the third simulator of that type, which means that in order to get unique qualifications concerning the above mentioned issues, not only there won’t be necessity to go abroad, but also the offered trainings will be significantly less expensive.
Akademia Morska, Akademia Morska w SzczecinieOn 04.12.2009.MU hosted Julia Eilers and Ole Steinbach, representatives of Buss Crew Management GmbH & Co., which is a part of Reederei Buss Shipping Company, the founder of scholarships for over ten students of the Navigational and Marine Engineering Faculties of the Maritime University of Szczecin. At the meeting with the scholarship holders the issues of students’ signing on board the ship owner’s vessels in order to take regular on-board practice, as well as the possibilities of additional holiday sea practice were discussed.