Department of Maritime Affairs and Practices announces a competition for coverage under the slogan: "Dar Młodzieży - not just practice, but also a great adventure" Write a report from practice on sailing s / v Dar Młodzieży, in line with the theme of the contest. During practice take pictures and attach them to the reportage. Deadline: 20 July 2011. The report written in accordance with the guidelines contained in the rules should be passed in due time along with application form to the Department of Maritime Affairs and Practice, room 68
Marine Rescue Training Centre offers a Powerboat Skipper course, which will be held on 18-20.05.2011 The participation in the course and passing the skipper test shall authorize the driving motorboat yachts with an engine power of 60 KW on inland waters and marine waters in the zone 2 nautical miles from shore in the daytime.
In connection with the May weekend we extend the deadline for photos on the 4th Photography Competition by Career Office "Crossing Borders - a journey towards a dream job."
The German Space Agency (DLR) and Maritime University of Szczecin organize Engineering Summer School by the use of modern satellite technology in marine traffic engineering. We invite students to participate in this event, which could help in developing their own careers.
Powerboat Steersman course began. Completion of the course allows you to obtain a helmsman patent, the facility for yachts with an engine power of 60 KW on inland waters and marine waters in the zone of 2 nautical miles from shore in the daytime.
We have begun intensive work on implementation the training based on the principles laid down by the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) to Maritime Universities’ educational process. On 17.03.2011, the Maritime University of Szczecin organized jointly with the Maritime University of Gdynia, development workshops for the graduate profile and skills matrix identical to the Navigational and Marine Engineering Faculties of both universities.
The LNG Simulation Center and Ship Loading Simulator for transporting liquid cargo at the Maritime University of Szczecin movie)
The inauguration of the Center was hosted by the Rector of the Maritime University of Szczecin, Prof. Stanisław Gucma, Master Mariner and the President of the Management Board of Polskie LNG S.A., Zbigniew Rapciak.
Maritime Academy organizes Open Days and invites everyone to visit the school on 8-9 April 2011 (Friday-Saturday) - you will be able to get familiar with the academy from the inside, see the laboratories, simulators and scientific laboratories and university departments to learn about the study process at one of the best maritime universities of the European Union.
On 18. – 27.03.2011 the Marine Rescue Training Centre organizes the Motorboat Skipper course. The completion of the course allows to get motorboat skipper license, which is essential while driving motorboat boats with engine power of 60 KW on sea waters in the area of two nautical miles from the shore in daytime.
On 28.02.2011 we hosted representatives of the Baltic State Maritime Academy of Kaliningrad: the Rector, Vladimir Volkogon, PhD, Vice-Rector for Science, Natalia Kostrikova, PhD, the Dean of the Faculty of Navigation and Practical Training, Nikolaj Paletski, PhD, as well as the head of the Department for Foreign Cooperation, Leonid Meyler, PhD.
We are announcing that there are still vacancies for a free of charge training ‘Loading and unloading container cargo’ training to be launched at the Marine Rescue Training Center of the MU of Szczecin on 18-20.03.2011. Interesting books on container loading will be distributed among the trainees, who will have the opportunity to practice container loading using BELCO program. Snacks during the training included.
Just like last year the MU of Szczecin is launching free of charge preparatory courses for the ‘matura’ Maths examination. The classes have just started!
On 25.02.2011post-graduate studies „LNG Transport and Terminal Operation”, arranged by the Faculty of Marine Engineering of the MU of Szczecin at the cooperation of the Faculty of Drilling, Oil and Gas (AGH University of Science and Technology of Krakow), has just been launched.
In the months to go the Maritime University of Szczecin shall be presenting its educational offer at educational fairs all over the country, which shall be a great opportunity to get acquainted with our university and possibilities of taking up studies.

Since both teachers and students shall participate in the fairs, a wide range of issues like: ways of recruitment, studies at different faculties, fields and courses, scholarship systems, accommodations, possibilities of interests and passion development, can be discussed. Moreover, brochures and leaflets containing the information shall be distributed.

In some cities (Zielona Góra, Gorzów, Poznań i Szczecin) our offer shall be presented within the program ‘Academic Szczecin’/ „Akademicki Szczecin” together with other universities of our city.
Come and get first-hand information!

Program of the educational fairs...