The Professor Jerzy Stelmach Maritime Science Centre, in cooperation with the West Pomeranian Regional Sailing Association, is running the Professor Jerzy Stelmach Children's University -  the Szczecin School of Cabin Boys. The activity of this exceptional school is focused on developing and extending knowledge and interests of children in many fields of science, including in particular marine sciences  and sailing. On Saturday - 17th November - the classes of the Children's University took place at the Maritime University of Szczecin.

Young enthusiasts  of the sea and maritime issues worked on traditional paper maps, where they learned how to determine the ships' courses and the coordinates of their positions as well as found out about the basic navigational terms. They also became acquainted with simulators of the ECDIS system  - i.e. the professional electronic map system.

In the Marine Traffic Engineering Centre, on the other hand, they learned about the issues  involved in ship building and found out which ships are built and used in the world fleet as well as how they are able to sail and carry cargoes. Students of the Cabin Boys' School also tried their hands on navigation bridge simulators and controlled the ships themselves performing the tasks appointed by the teacher. What did they like best? Children agreed that it was the simulation of a storm and... a sea collision! We hope the classes will prepare them for any difficult situations, they will get the "sea" bug  and return to our university.

The classes were conducted by Remigiusz Dzikowski, Master Mariner, Tomasz Pluta, Master Mariner, Ewelina Chłopińska, MSc., Bartosz Muczyński, MSc.