On 11th November, the Independence Regattas were held on the boat harbour. In this way, students from the rowing section of the MUS Academic Sports Association commemorated the 100th anniversary of Polish independence.

The participants of the event were some honourable guests: the Vice Rector for Teaching, the President of the MUS Academic Sports Association Club, Agnieszka Deja, the President of the European Rowing Federation, Ryszard Stadniuk, the Olympic rowing champion, Konrad Wasielewski and the Vice President of the MUS Academic Sports Association, Norbert Marchewka.

It was a mixed-style competition, which means that the crews consisted equally of male and female rowers.
This time, our eight was defeated by the PMU crew, but the double scull of Michał Sobanda and his college from PMU were the winners, whereas our club double - Karolina Woźniak and Michał Golański took the third place. Also, Zuzanna Dudek performed very well taking the second place in the professional double race. The crew of our eight consisted of Kinga Okoń as the coxswain as well as Michał Sobanda, Aleksander Florczak, Michał Golański, Łukasz Lato, Zuzanna i Joanna Dudek, Karolina Wożniak, Karolina Przybylska.

The person taking care of the crew members and preparation of the equipment was the MUS Academic Sports Association rowing section coach, Wojciech Jaśkiewicz. Long live Poland and the Maritime University!

Wojciech Jaśkiewicz