The Choir of the Maritime University of Szczecin has invited the inhabitants of Szczecin to the fifth edition of the Joint Sounds project. This time, the special musical guests of the project were Micromusic, Skubas and Smolik. 

The concert was held under the banner of "Microsounds". Several tens of people and instruments, lots of energy and a fantastic musical dialogue which was created on the stage together by the musicians and the Choir conducted by Sylwia Fabiańczyk-Makuch. The concert began with a "solo" performance of the Choir of the Maritime University. The ensemble sang the "Watersong" composed especially for the Choir by Bartosz Kowalski. 

The choir is composed of almost 80 people and is always open to cooperation with representatives of other musical genres. Following the adventures with jazz, Latin American music, cabaret gags and ethnic sounds, the time has come for cooperation with representatives of unconventional music from the borderline of alternative and pop as well as jazz, folk and rock. Together with the guests: Skubas - a singer and  Andrzej Smolik as a producer and musician, they created a real musical melting pot on the stage. 

- We have worked hard to prepare for this concert and we hope you will have a good time - ensured Natalia Grosiak - the lead singer of Mikromusic. She was right - the concert appeared to be an incredible musical experience for the audience, the musicians and the Choir. 

It was one more time when our ensemble proved that music has no limits. Thanks!