On 29.05, the navigation season was opened at the Heroes of Westerplatte Navigation School Complex in Kędzierzyn-Kożle.

The Maritime University of Szczecin was represented by the Scientific Association of Geodesy and Cartography. During the presentations in our exhibition stand, the visitors could get acquainted with aerial drones (UAV) and the developed 3D models. As a part of the educational path, they could find answers to the following questions: What can a drone measure? How to use a drone safely? Why is it worth being interested in geodesy?  During the demonstrations, we also presented the possibilities of creating 3D developments with the use of a laser scanner.

The opening was attended by students of higher and lower secondary schools from the Opolskie Province. During the ceremony, it was possible to take part in rowing regatta on DZ boats, shoot an air-gun, go by a motorboat and eat a delicious cake. The whole event was accompanied by a great atmosphere provided by the organisers of the meeting.