Employees of the Department of Ocean Technology and Shipbuilding of the Maritime University of Szczecin are building a model of an unmanned vessel. The design of the vessel model was finished in March 2018. Currently, the hull is being built, soon the propulsion will be installed and the first trials on water will begin.

- The model will be equipped with an ecological electrical drive: power will be provided by e.g. photovoltaic and fuel cells - explains Professor Tadeusz Szelangiewicz, the head of the Department.

The installed propellers will enable very precise manoeuvring of the vessel together with dynamic positioning. - In the first stage of trials and tests of the propelling system, all manoeuvres will be performed with the use of remote (wireless) control - adds the professor. 

Laboratory (computer) works on an autonomous control system are in progress simultaneously with the construction of the model and, once they are finished, the autonomous system will be installed in the model. The trials and tests of autonomous control will begin on an experimental basin of the Maritime University of Szczecin. Following positive completion of the trials with autonomous control, another unmanned vessel model will be built and tests will be carried out with exchange of information between sailing unmanned vessels.  Next, research and design work will begin on an ecological unmanned transport vessel.

Employees of the Department will design and build large-scale reduction models as a part of activities of the Centre for Operation of Floating Objects. - Construction of the Centre is to begin soon - says Rector Wojciech Ślączka. - The specialist laboratories in the Centre will provide the facilities for research areas connected with maritime economy, including for the employees of the Department of Ocean Technology and Shipbuilding - he adds.

The numerous possibilities of the Centre will include practical confirmation of the operation of the autonomous model, which is now under construction, as well as subsequent products.