A joint debate of representatives of the Provincial Police Headquarters in Szczecin, MUS scientists and students as well as invited guests - experts and practitioners in the field of road users' safety - was held at the Maritime University of Szczecin on 27th June.

The meeting was opened by the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Economics of Transport, Stanisław Iwan, DSc., Professor of MUS and the Deputy Chief of the Provincial Police in Szczecin, inspector Piotr Ostrowski.
The subjects discussed during the meeting included e.g.the safety status in road traffic in the West Pomerania Province with special focus on the safety of unprotected road traffic participants and activities undertaken for the benefit of improving safety of pedestrians as well as low-emission cargo transport and road traffic safety in the city. During the debate, Mariusz Jedliński, DSc., Professor of MUS, presented the first conclusions from the research in the project "Safe Pedestrian Crossing".
The research involved assessment of pedestrian crossings in Szczecin:

  • ul. Bohaterów Warszawy – ul. Kazimierza Pułaskiego (Shopping Centre Turzyn);
  • ul. 26 Kwietnia – ul. Santocka (estate area Przyjaźń);
  • ul. Energetyków (ZPPMS-S);
  • ul. Adama Mickiewicza – ul. Reymonta (open air market Pogodno);
  • ul. Witosa – ul. Nehringa (Sports Club Hutnik).

The subject of the analysis was what is decisive for a safe pedestrian crossing - e.g. the degree of visibility of vehicles and pedestrians on the pedestrian crossing, proper, clear, visible and well-maintained horizontal and vertical signs, the presence of barriers and proper lighting, the distance from the previous/next crossroads. Based on the observations and surveys conducted among users, employees and students of the Faculty of Engineering and Economics of Transport taking part in the research, have already recommended the first solutions such as e.g. the use of warning lights or speed humps or removal of shrubs and trees reducing visibility as well as prohibition from parking/stopping near pedestrian crossings.
The participants of the meeting included e.g. the President of SOS Foundation - Responsible Driving Schools, Filip Grega, the President of Auto Club, Ryszard Wolan, Mariusz Podkalicki from the Academy of Safe Driving, representatives of the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways and the West Pomerania Province Marshal's Office.