The Senate of the Maritime University of Szczecin decided to restore the school holiday, which began in the State Maritime School in Szczecin, the forerunner of maritime education in our city. On this occasion Maritime University has prepared numerous attractions.

We hope it will become a feast of the Maritime University for good. This day was celebrated in the State Maritime School from 28 April 1948, when the school was given a completely renovated building at al. Piastow 19. It was there that the first generation of ‘sea dogs’ acquired their maritime knowledge and developed their characters. Mindful of the traditions of the sea we also want to set up the new-tradition of awarding the prize, "Sea Dog". For the first time in school history during the ceremony of the Senate on 28 April 2011 statuettes will be handed out as prizes in the category of graduate and student.

At 10.00 am at al. Piastow 19 (building of the West Pomeranian University of Technology), at the commemorative plaque of the State Maritime School - the predecessor of the Maritime University of Szczecin, will meet representatives of its graduates, MUS authorities, Master Mariners Club, the Association of Chief Engineers, maritime staff and students. During a brief ceremony flowers will be placed at the plaque.

At 14:00 in the lobby of the main building of the Maritime University of Szczecin ((Wały Chrobrego 1-2) will take place launching of the book by Krystyna Pohl "Shellbacks school yesterday and today." The publication of this book has also resumed "School of Shellbacks" by Eugeniusz A. Daszkowski, Master Mariner.

From 14.30 to 18.00, you can visit the university, whereas at 15.00, 16.00 and 17.00 in the college Hall of Tradition you can visit an exhibition from the collection of captain Jozef Gawłowicz connected with sea stories of the captain himself.

At 14.30 a volleyball game will start; students vs. Maritime University staff.

From 16.00 at the upper parking lot at the main building of the Maritime University a barbecue for students and university staff will start.

You are welcome
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