The Maritime University of Szczecin representative team of eight won the traditional Szczecin races of higher education institutions defeating the other four teams of Agricultural Academy, Pomeranian Medical University, Szczecin University and Szczecin University of Technology. On May, 9 and 10th our oarsmen did not give the smallest chance to their rivals! Vice Rector Przemyslaw Rajewski watched the races and supported the contestants enjoying the success of his students. Handing in the Cup of the West Pomeranian Province Marshal and congratulations turned out to be a specially important and satisfying moment since it was the Olympic champion Marek Kolbowicz himself who did it!

The team of Wojciech Jaskiewicz, the coach, has still 3 eights in general score. If they managed to win (what we are hoping for ) it would be their 11th victory running within 50 years of races tradition .

Line-up of the team:
Coach- Wojciech Jaskiewicz
1. Karol Jaworski
2. Mateusz Dziechciarz
3. Radosław Kuncewicz
4. Michał Klukowski
5. Dominik Górecki
6. Łukasz Karmelita
7. Paweł Laska
8. Andrzej Szymanek
Coxwain: Anna Machulec
We are all proud of you! Congratulations!!!